The main engine and auxiliary diesel are fully represented as mimic diagrams. All pipe systems of the main engine, the entire pipe system of the ship, cooling systems, ballast tanks, etc are graphically represented. The mimics portray the entire system with all the required measuring points.
With the proper access rights, the user can directly operate all the controllable aggregates such as pumps and valves in the mimic graphics.

Alarm List

An alarm list provides an overview of the measuring points that have triggered an alarm. All alarms including acknowledged, suppressed and unacknowledged alarms are displayed with the measuring point number, measuring point name, error description, time and date of the alarm and the alarm status.

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Measuring Points

The represented analog and binary measuring pages can indicate high and low alarms, temperature alarms, pressure alarms and overfill alarms and the state of the measuring points. Required changes to the parameters are easily entered in an associated parameter window by a mouse click.
The graphic representation of the tanks includes the calculation and valuation of individual initial values.

Trend Representation

The representation of the analog measuring points in the trend curves is required for analysis and prevention. Both, individual and group trends, can be retrieved on the trend pages for all analog measuring sites.
On a group trend page, the trend curves are represented for up to 8 measuring points.
Observed sections can be defined by themselves. In order, for example, to determine the path of a trend before an alarm, values can be used such as the end time and end date of the observed section, the duration of the observed section and scanning rate.