VISTA® AUTOMATION has a modular, hierarchical and scalable system architecture with different redundant levels of control and operator units to guarantee failsafe operation as well as effective installation.

The highest level in the ship automation system VISTA® AUTOMATION hierarchy consists of the process control stations, based on one or several single working places with a high-quality computer, keyboard, trackball, high resolution colour monitor and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

The communication between the process control stations to the next level in the VISTA® AUTOMATION hierarchy uses the high performance Process Control System Bus.

The process control stations are connected to independent process stations.
The process stations are designed as

  • Alarm and Monitoring Stations and
  • Control and Monitoring Stations.
Both types consist of a high-quality embedded computer system with failsafe parameter storage.

Their own optional user Process Control Panel (PCP) for alarm, monitoring and remote control allows the usage of the process stations fully independent of the process control stations.

The process stations can be connected to the distributed process I/O nodes as well as to third-party systems using the standard Process I/O fieldbus with Modbus RTU protocoll.

Together with the process stations the independent and distributed Extension Alarm System (XAS) and the alarm printers are allocated to the Extension Alarm System Bus.

The Extension Alarm System consists of up to 16 panels for ECR, wheelhouse and accommodation. The XAS notifies the engineer on duty in case of alarm including fire alarm and engineer call.